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Amith Nadig

The Indian Flautist

Though Karnatic music is his main forte, Amith has effortlessly adapted his flute playing techniques to gel well with Fusion Music, Jazz and Hindustani. 

He has collaborated with who-is-who of the music Industry both in India and abroad. Having widely traveled all over the world on concert tours, Amith's music mirrors a lot of influences drawn from around the world.

Amith Nadig has carved a niche for himself in the field of Indian music over the last 20 years. Having started off at a very young age of 7, Amith steadily climbed the ladder and started playing at major festivals and venues. In addition to his engineering degree in Electronics and Communication, Amith also works as a senior software engineer at Netserv Technologies.

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Amith Nadig - The Indian Flautist


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Amith A Nadig - A Write Up

Amith comes from a family of musicians and has been widely acclaimed as a child prodigy of Karnataka. He is the son and student of flautist Vidwan B.K.Anantharam. He underwent training under Padma Bhushana Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr.R.K.Srikantan to learn the finer aspects of the Gayaki Style of flute playing for almost 2 decades and presently, he is undergoing training under Dr. R.N.Thyagarajan.

 He has been performing on stage for the past 20 years and has performed on all prestigious festivals all over India and abroad.

Amith has toured USA, Germany, Italy, France, Morocco and Malaysia for concerts and regularly performs with top musicians from India and abroad. He effortlessly adapts his playing to perform with musicians from different genres of music including Karnatic, Hindustani, Jazz, Fusion etc. which makes him a very sought after flautist in India today.

Amith is one of the youngest “A” graded artistes of ALL INDIA RADIO and has been featured on the most prestigious National Programme of Music at a very young age of 21 and also the South Zone hook-up concert from Doordarshan. Of late, Amith has had the honor of being the only Indian to have been invited to perform at the Dusseldorf Church Organ Festival, Germany in 2014.

 Having been invited to one of the most prestigious Jazz Festivals of Europe called the JazzArt Festival at Schwabisch Hall, Germany in 2016; Amith also has had the distinction of collaborating with ace composer, arranger and trumpet player Matthias Schreifl, Colombian drummer Rodrigo Villalon and Polish musician Bodek Janke.

Some of the important festivals and concerts he has performed recently are:

  1. Swathy Sangeetholsavam, Kuthiramalika Palace, Trivandrum
  2. The Hindu Temple of Florida, Tampa.
  3. JazzArt Festival 2016, Schwabisch Hall
  4. Filmburg Theater, Bavaria
  5. Gana Kala Parishat Conference, Belur, 2015
  6. Sauer land Jazz Festival, Germany
  7. Sudtirol Jazz Festival, Bolzano, Italy
  8. Festival of the Wurzburg Palace, Bavaria
  9. Art Theater, Cologne, Germany
  10. Dusseldorf Church Organ Festival
  11. A concert by invitation, for The King of Morocco’s Library, Rabat.
  12. Hindu Temple, Berlin,
  13. The Madras Music Academy
  14. Sangeeth Natak Academy Festival, New Delhi

Apart from his extensive touring and performances, Amith is also a senior software test engineer at SM Netserv Technologies and attributes lot of his success as a musician to his company and its support.

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